wxMill 2018

Version: 1.0.722

Operating System: Windows

Size: 24.59 MB ( 25786596 bytes )

Release Date: 2018-11-17

MD5: d807763b220999f626f86f4bda7485a3


What's New

Fixed setting of extra styles of windows by input strings.

Fixed setting of sizer flags of windows by input strings.

Fixed C++ code generated when no window to show at startup.

Fixed moving menus by undo/redo.

Fixed the sash gravity of wxSplitterWindow when the sash gravity value is incorrect.

Fixed crash when undoing changing default path of GenericDirCtrl.

Fixed raising/lowering windows on container windows.

Fixed the readonly state of wxDIRCTRL_SHOW_FILTERS style after changing the wxDIRCTRL_DIR_ONLY style of wxGenericDirCtrl.

Fixed crash when the status bar is not shown.

Improved editing of menu labels.

Fixed position of context menu when pressing the context menu key in the widget tree pane.

Revert changed content when closing tab without saving.

Removed EVT_HELP from wxContextHelpButton.