Window Editing

The window editor lets you edit interfaces in your project visually by dragging and dropping widgets. You can move, resize, reparent, and align widgets.

App Class Editing

The app class editor lets you to edit the wxApp derived class in your project, like setting the windows to show at startup.

Property Editor

Properties of widgets are shown in the property editor, in which you can set all aspects of widgets.

Event Handler Editor

Event handlers can be edited in the event handler editor. Events with the same signature can have the same event handler.

Source Viewer

Source code of windows and app classes are shown in the source viewer in highlighted mode. It gives you an intuitive way to preview the source code to generate.

Image Support

Images and animations can be imported into projects and be used in top level windows later. They can also be shown in image viewer.

Undo and Redo support

Editing actions are recorded in history and can be undone and redone later as long as the project is not closed.

Clipboard support

Top level windows, wxApp derived classes, and widgets in the top level window can be copied, cut, and pasted. You can even do this between multiple instances of wxMill.

Sizer support

To insert an widget into a sizer, just drag the widget and hover the mouse above the sizer, a position indicator will be drawn in the sizer which shows the position where the widget will be inserted to. Select the position you want and click left button.